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Monday April 15th 2024


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Welcome Back Baseball »

Welcome back, sweet baseball. We pray from Seattle to Florida and from Toronto to Texas to you to give us the elixir of October success. Over the next few months we’ll fall back in love with our stadiums—from the Green Monster at Fenway to the Green Monster Ivy at Wrigley. We’ll hope to see a player fall up the hill in Houston, [...]

Do The Yankees Need Injury Prone Nick Johnson? »

Nick Johnson is once again a Yankee, if the reports are right . As a Yankee fan, I should be happy. In 2001 he pulled off a brilliant catch from first base that sticks in my mind. He's not a horrible hitter (lifetime .273 hitter). He's seen as being the 'next Johnny Damon' in that he'll provide a bat to cover Alex Rodriguez and play DH for 100-odd [...]

Start Spreading the News: The VFA Week Seven Awards »

Right, it's been an emotionally exhausting Week Seven for the VFA. When we weren't catching breath from swearing at the refs after their performance in the Arkansas vs Florida game, we were jumping up and down, and nearly in tears after the Yankees' 13th inning ALCS win over the Angels. Come on guys? You didn't just watch college football did [...]

What I’ve learned from 9/11 »

Ever since two planes trainwrecked my American dream September 11 has always struck me. I don’t know what to say, what to do, or what to write. So why am I bringing things up a week and eight years after the tragedy? At the moment I’m reading a book called “102 Minutes” about the moments around the attacks on the Twin [...]