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Buster Posey: The San Francisco Giants’ Derek »

Buster Posey is going to be a Giant for just about the next decade. He's an icon in the Bay area already, but the good-looking All-American at the important position up the middle on a perennial championship contender has a chance to cement his status.A little bit like Derek Jeter once did.The similarities between the two run fairly deep, [...]

New York Yankees: Cold Starts to the Season That Will »

After an embarrassingly cold opening series against the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees have started to heat up playing the AL Central's Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians. However, some of their players' cold starts have continued throughout their recent offensive outburst, which includes three straight victories of five or more [...]

New York Yankees Hottest Starts to the Season That »

The team is too old, too hurt and too overmatched, yet in spite of those opinions of so-called experts the Yankees have been able to ride blazing starts of some key players to a 4-4 record (one game out of first place in the East).Some of those "hot" players will cool off, but others have the potential to maintain the high level they began the [...]

5 Yankees Players You Want Up Most with the Game on »

With a veteran lineup like the New York Yankees', it is tough to decide which players you would want to bat with the game on the line. Hall-of-Fame resumes and mega-million-dollar contracts can help make the job easier, but a heap of injuries and aging talent makes the job slightly more difficult. We all can agree that Derek Jeter is [...]

Can the Yankees’ Latest Veteran Mercenaries Keep »

Every year, the New York Yankees find themselves signing veteran players to cheap, one-year deals to add depth on the bench and in the rotation. With the Yankees trying not to commit themselves to any more long-term contracts, they have signed even more of these older veterans in the last couple of years.For the most part, these moves have worked [...]

Remembering Nick Swisher’s Wild Ride with the »

The season's second week begins with what normally would be an innocuous April baseball series: Yankees at Indians, April 8-11. Outside of a postseason series in 2007, the Yankees-Indians rivalry of the late-90's is all but dead. Terry Francona, former Red Sox manager, adds some intrigue. As does the return of Travis Hafner to Cleveland.Yet the [...]

New York Yankees: Stock Up, Stock Down for »

With a full week of baseball under their belts, the New York Yankees have gotten off to a slow start.The weaknesses are already evident in the New York lineup that is marred with old age and injuries. Even the rotation saw a scare this week when Hiroki Kuroda took a line drive off a finger on his throwing hand. Although it’s early, one thing [...]

New York Yankees: Francisco Cervelli Has Impressed as »

After two seasons, the New York Yankees decided not to re-sign starting catcher Russell Martin during the offseason, only a year after Martin rejected a three-year, $20 million extension. Martin would get even less money from the Pittsburgh Pirates—two years, $17 million. So after this winter, the Yankees catching situation has looked [...]

Yankees Could Learn a Lesson from the Red Sox This »

The New York Yankees are in for a long year. That seems to be the theme of the 2013 MLB season. The first week has not done anything to change critics’ opinions on that thought. The Yankees seem to be headed for a lost season. The first one they've had in many, many years. The issue is that it doesn’t have to be. The Yankees could [...]

New York Yankees: 5 Lessons Learned from Their Opening »

The New York Yankees looked doomed in spring training, and their opening series against the Red Sox this week did not help silence any of their naysayers. After losing the first two games by a combined nine runs, they were able to take the third game to avoid an embarrassing opening series sweep at home by their hated rivals from [...]

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