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Yankees: Minor Leaguers Who Will See Time in the »

The Yankees aren't known for bringing up prospects from their farm system mid-season to help aid the team.They are more apt to trade for a veteran or stick with what they have. That said the most likely scenario for any of the following prospects is to hope to get their licks in September.It could be a spot start in May, a relief appearance in the [...]

New York Yankees’ Quiet Offseason Moves Paying »

As I suggested during the offseason, Brian Cashman's low-key moves are paying off.With the 2014 payroll target looming, the Yankees did not want to commit big money or multiple years to the free-agent crop of this past winter, so they made moves to fill their holes in less conventional ways. Granted, you can't predict the injuries to players [...]

New York Yankees’ Ivan Nova Searches for »

In the Yankees' world these days, good health is hardly anything to take for granted. But if we're willing to live in a fantasy world for a moment and employ ceteris paribus, or hold all things constant with good health, the Yankees have to be pleased with the performance of their top three starting pitchers so far.If CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte [...]

Mariano Rivera and Robinson Cano Continue to Honor No. »

On Opening Day for the 2014 MLB season, there will not be a single player in professional baseball to wear the No. 42 on a regular basis. That's incredible. For the past 16 years, the number has been retired by all teams in the major leagues in honor of Jackie Robinson, who made his major league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on this date 66 [...]

New York Yankees Triple Play: How the Players and »

In the ninth game of a season that many Yankee fans have already had time to give up on due to the team's age, infirmity and downright unlikeability, the Yanks did something no one saw coming, and no team had ever done before.In the top of the eighth, with New York leading the Baltimore Orioles 5-2,  Baltimore's Manny [...]

Yankees Lineup Slugging Its Way Back After Slow Start »

We live in a world with a 24-hour news cycle that renders stories of great importance, as good as yesterday's news after mere hours. The American sports media sure seems focused on the latest and greatest, while the New York sports media seems to pounce on faults and fears with no compunction. So it's no surprise that after the Yankees' slow [...]

New York Yankees: Stock Up, Stock Down for »

So I guess the Bombers going 4-1 last week may have calmed the nerves of some New York Yankee fans. But it’s still not a far reach to think the Yankees need to start utilizing their farm system instead of signing veterans in the twilight of their careers. In the second week of the season many of New York’s top prospects were in the [...]

Projecting the Future Path of the New York Yankees »

If you think the New York Yankees look different this year, just wait a while. There's going to be a ton of turnover in The Bronx over the next couple years.We know that the 2013 season is going to Mariano Rivera's last in pinstripes, and he's likely to be followed out the door by Andy Pettitte. The list of Yankees players set to hit free agency [...]

Andy Pettitte Injury: Updates on Yankees »

New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte will have to put his third start of the 2013 season on hold while he battles back spasms, according to ESPNNewYork.com's Matt Ehalt.Pettitte was scheduled to start on Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles, but is now aiming to start sometime early next week, possibly Tuesday or Wednesday against the Arizona [...]

Alex Rodriguez Denies Report He Tried to Purchase »

Alex Rodriguez apparently isn't going to take his latest performance-enhancing drug allegations lying down. According to Michael S. Schmidt of The New York Times, A-Rod reportedly arranged the purchase of documents linking him to PED use in a Miami clinic before Major League Baseball could get its hands on the evidence. Here's a series [...]

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