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Yu Darvish: The NY Yankees Were Smart to Not Overpay »

The New York Yankees have a history of overpaying for talented free agents. Sometimes those free agents work out, and sometimes those free agents blow up in their faces.This time, the Yankees were smart in their decision to pass on offering a huge contract to Japanese superstar free agent Yu Darvish.  According to Marc Craig of the Newark [...]

NY Yankees Trade Talk: 6 Aces Manny Banuelos Could »

Merely implying that the New York Yankees should consider trading Manny Banuelos, the "crown jewel" of their farm system, gets some fans foaming at the mouth and fired up like a rabid dog.So please, roll your chair back from your monitor, wipe your mouth, take a deep breath and count to 10.Better? Good.On Friday, we looked at the past 11 years of [...]

NY Yankee Free Agent Rumors: 10 Perfect Targets Brian »

Despite the lackluster free-agent class this offseason, most Yankee fans foresaw a more active winter from the front office. Outside of “taking care of their own” and bidding on a Japanese shortstop, the Bombers have been quite mum on adding personnel.  At the same time, the club won 97 games last year in the American League East. [...]

MLB Free Agency: Yankees Should Sign Hiroki Kuroda for »

Seasons greetings, fellow Yankee fans and Bleacher Report readers.It's been a rather quiet shopping period for the Yankees since free agency began and some have wondered if the Yankees will make any type of a significant move.There have been teams out there who have tried to bait the Yankees into trading their top prospects for starting [...]

New York Yankees: 2012 Lineup Projections »

I have already predicted the New York Yankees pitchers 2012 season, so why not their offense next?The Yankees always have one of the best offenses in the majors, but with the addition of Jesus Montero and a healthy Alex Rodriguez, their offense might be the best in 2012. You can say that their rotation is average at best, but there is not a single [...]

MLB Free Agents 2012: Yu Darvish Bid Not from Yankees, »

Well, it's finally official. The debate can end knowing that Yu Darvish won't be playing for the New York Yankees in 2012. And let me say, boy am I happy it's over. According to the report, the highest bid was described as, "A ridiculous number." To think after the disaster that is A.J. Burnett, the Yanks would want to throw about $100 million or [...]

10 Struggling Players the New York Yankees Have Turned »

Throughout their history, the New York Yankees have regularly pursued dominant, high-priced players.However, every so often they have taken flyers on struggling veterans and gotten them back on track.Not all of these guys were able to sustain their new-found success. Nonetheless, each contributed to plenty of Yankee wins when they weren't [...]

MLB Free Agents 2012: Grading Brian Cashman’s »

There were certainly opportunities for New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to make moves to try and improve the team, but everything seemingly fell short.Whether it was because of too high a price or a lack of certainty, Cashman either passed on or was rejected with several moves he tried to make.Here's the grades for each move Cashman [...]

New York Yankees: 10 Franchise Records That Will Fall »

Although plenty of New York Yankees franchise records will never be broken, there are 10 that their current players are capable of toppling in the next decade.Half of the accomplishments being challenged on this list were career feats, while the remaining five would need to be surpassed in a single game or season.I have chosen to present them from [...]

Gio Gonzalez Trade Rumors: Will NY Yankees Deal the »

Gio Gonzalez has long been the subject of trade rumors, and the New York Yankees have needed pitching depth for an even longer time.Now that C.J. Wilson and Mark Buerhle are off the table, adding starting pitching through free agency isn't going to be easy or cheap.  The same can be said for the trade market.Teams are looking for a lot when [...]

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