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New York Yankees: Looking Back at the Cubs Series »

Ah, Wrigley Field. One of the great places to watch a Major League Baseball game. The hand-turned scoreboard. The rooftop seats. Day games. Ivy. Beautiful Wrigley Field. Really?I've never been to Wrigley Field. I've never seen the scoreboard or the seats or the ivy, except on television, and on television it looks just like any other ballpark. [...]

Derek Jeter: 5 Yankees Who’ll Need to Step Up »

When Derek Jeter takes himself out of a game, you know it has to be serious.The captain was one step closer to reaching his 3,000th hit in Monday's game against the Cleveland Indians. Reaching his 2,994th hit, many believed Jeter would reach his long-awaited milestone during a home game before the Yankees leave for their six-day road [...]

Russell Martin Is Taking One for the Team, Not Letting »

Growing up playing hockey in Canada, Russell Martin had to deal with injuries and play through to keep in the game. He’s carried that same mentality into this season with the Yankees. Whether it’s broken toes, back ailments, getting run over at the plate or taking a bat to the side of the head, Russell has played through a multitude of [...]

Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada & Carlos Beltran: What »

Derek Jeter has been in the news lately for a myriad of reasons—underproduction, injury, and when his date with destiny (3000 hits) will come.You see, Derek Jeter is an aging ballplayer, but not just any aging ballplayer. Jeter is an aging baseball star, a perennial champion, and a likely first ballot Hall of Famer. Jeter isn't some old [...]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 32: Watch Out for »

Game 32: June 19, 1941 Warning for the rest of the American League during the summer of 1941: Be afraid. Be very afraid. On June 19, Joe DiMaggio started to get hot. Not that his new Yankee record 31-game hit streak wasn’t “hot,” in and of itself. But Joe had clubbed only one hit in each of the previous five games. The infield [...]

5 Sluggers Who Have a Chance at the Home Run Title »

In a year that's been called the year of the pitcher, their seems to be no holding back when it comes to home run hitting. Jose Bautista is picking up where he left off last season, smashing 21 homers in just 63 games and is tied with Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira for the league lead. All three are showing no signs of slowing down [...]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Games 19: Remembering and »

Game 19: June 2, 1941 It was back to work for most Cleveland residents. The crowd of 52,240 of the day before shrank to less than 6,000 for the Monday game. Despite Bob Feller on the mound, that twin bill setback might have hung heavy over the heads of the local fans. Regardless, those in attendance would see a dandy. Sure, Feller won. He ran his [...]

Joe Girardi ‘Intrigued’ by Prospect of »

During the 1995 offseason, New York Yankees general manager Bob Watson and new manager Joe Torre made some bold moves. They allowed free agent catcher Mike Stanley to sign with the Boston Red Sox and acquired Joe Girardi from the Colorado Rockies. Stanley was an offensive force that Girardi couldn't come close to matching. In his three seasons as [...]

Yankee Stadium Dispatch: 47 Ads, $10 Beer and Derek »

I went to my first game at the new Yankee Stadium this week. Considering how much I love the Yankees, many of my friends have expressed surprised that I haven’t been to a game sooner.Obviously, none of them have priced the cost of a baseball game in the last 20 or so years.  Frankly, if the tickets hadn’t been a gift (thank you), [...]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 30: A »

Game 30: June 17, 1941 ABC News was still talking about it seven decades later. Sporting News columnists from time to time write about that “single” on June 17, 1941, at Yankee Stadium. The Walrus, a Canadian publication stirred the pot eight years after Joe DiMaggio died in 1999. And Kostya Kennedy’s book 56: Joe DiMaggio and [...]

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