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MLB Trade Rumors: Will Zack Greinke To New York »

Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke is reportedly willing to waive his no-trade clause to pitch in New York, Yahoo Sports has reported.The report comes as a bit of a shock considering Greinke’s past bouts with depression and social anxiety disorder, but while it would seem that the pressure and spotlight would exacerbate this condition, [...]

New York Yankees: Who Had the Greatest Pitching Season »

Getting away from the Jeter Contract-a-Palooza nonsense, let's talk actual sports related stuff. Topic: Who had the greatest single pitching season in Yankee history (And by history, we mean from at least the 1920s). We didn't consider strike—or injury—shortened seasons. Here are some of the contestants.Lefty [...]

Derek Jeter Fiasco: 10 Reasons Why New York Yankees »

Over the course of the 2010 MLB season, when the conversation turned to the upcoming free agent market, little attention was paid to Derek Jeter.The fates of Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee have inspired countless articles and debates, but few writers spilled ink on his pending free agency because it seemed unfathomable that the Yankees captain would [...]

New York Yankees: Why the Team Must Be Smart If the »

Never chase your money.It's an age-old gambling adage, meaning don't keep betting when your only goal is to get back what you've already lost. It's an urge that gamblers at any level must fight and it can be very difficult to resist.This is how otherwise sane-thinking fathers and uncles end up with broken knee caps and orbital sockets; this is how [...]

MLB Free Agency: 10 Reasons Cliff Lee’s Signing »

Where Cliff Lee will end up has been one of the hottest topics talked about this off-season. Lee has even been ranked as the number one free agent on the market this year.Most people around baseball believe that wherever Lee signs he will make that team the instant favorite to be American League Champion. Some of the rumored destinations for Lee [...]

Derek Jeter Is Crazy for Rejecting the New York »

I like Derek Jeter, I respect Derek Jeter, but the man is on crack if he doesn't take the Yankees' three-year, $45M offer. His skills are diminishing, he lacks the range of an elite shortstop, and he is no longer getting it done with the bat. However, he is still a leader and has great charisma. What I'm saying is Jeter would make one hell of a [...]

New York Yankees Might Bump the Derek Jeter Offer To »

I didn’t want to do this in a few separate updates, so I figured I’d do it like this. Here are the latest updates on the Derek Jeter/Yankees negotiations:   As you already know Jeter and his agent met with the Yankees brass for the first time since Nov. 8 yesterday. Jon Heyman reported that there was “renewed [...]

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