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Sunday November 28th 2021


New York Yankees: Why the Team Must Be Smart If the Cliff Lee Pursuit Fails

chase your money.

It's an age-old gambling adage, meaning don't keep betting when your only goal is to get back what you've already lost.

It's an urge that gamblers at any level must fight and it can be very difficult to resist.

This is how otherwise sane-thinking fathers and uncles end up with broken knee caps and orbital sockets; this is how little Suzie loses a college fund and ends up a lady of the night.

In the world of professional baseball, general managers should be reminded that the "never chase your money" philosophy applies to them as well.

I was thinking about that earlier today when I saw a report about Zack Greinke and his supposed willingness to come to the Yankees. The Royals right-hander is just one year removed ...

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