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Tuesday June 25th 2024


New York Sports History: Not So Empire State of Mind—The Ten Most Hated Athletes

the years New York has been a city that demands winning. And if they don't get it then they'll let you know about it. Even though we do win probably more then any other city/state it never seems to be enough. Because with the shining lights of the Big Apple many crazy things have happened to us and the teams we love so much. At times we have had extremley bad luck.(Reggie Miller) Or at times we have had to deal with selfish players.(Stephon Marbury) Bad signings have taken a toll.(Carl Pavano) But so have players who just flat out kill our favorite teams.(Chipper Jones) These are just 4 of the sports figures that we love to hate here in the city that never sleeps. There are countless others that seem dissapoint us or kill us time and time again. Without further ...

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