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Monday July 22nd 2024


MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Deadline Deals “The Boss” Would Have Made

the off-season acquisition of Paul O'Neil in 1992, to the blockbuster trade that brought Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers to the Bronx, George Steinbrenner has made a handful of pivotal trades during his time as New York Yankees owner. Some of his deals were done during the offseason, while others (David Cone in 1995) were done prior to the trade deadline. I've been fortunate to be a Yankee fan my entire life, but until George Steinbrenner passed away, I never realized how lucky I was to have "The Boss" as an owner. While his bank account certainly helped turn the Yankees into an empire that was anything, but evil, his desire and will to win as an owner was unprecedented in the game of baseball. He always got the player he coveted, and always delivered the ...

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