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Friday June 21st 2024


Is Nick Johnson Fantasy Baseball Usable? It’s Borderline At Best…

after injury after injury.  That’s what instantly jumps into my mind when someone asks me what I think of Nick Johnson.  How many players have hung around for so long, yet since making his Major League debut in 2001, has only reached 500 AB in a year once?

To be fair, that statement is a little misleading.  Thanks to an elite eye at the plate (career 15.6 percent walk rate), he doesn’t have the AB, since a walk isn’t included.  Still, he’s only reached 500 plate appearances three times.  He’s reached 600 plate appearances just once.

Yet, teams are constantly willing to take the plunge.  This year it’s the Yankees, who view him as a replacement for Johnny Damon in the second spot ...

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