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Tuesday May 28th 2024


“Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter Must Retire from the Game the Right Way”

Posada and Captain Derek Jeter must retire from the game the right way”

Aging is often the greatest fear of a professional athlete. Multi-millionaires and superstars choose to handle decline differently. Some like Jorge Posada deny it, resisting the idea that he should hit ninth; some choose to sleep in the clubhouse and refuse to help the team like Ken Griffey Jr.; some understand they should throw in the towel, but come back because in their heart they think a championship run is possible (Brett Favre) and on a few occasions all-stars walk away with no regrets (Curt Schilling).

The core group that has propelled the Yankees to victory the last couple of years will have to decide how they will leave their mark on the game. So far ...

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