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Thursday May 13th 2021


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Why the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox Rivalry Is »

Rivalries are a beautiful aspect of sports.  They bring out the best and the worst of teams and athletes. Whether it's Ali and Frazier, Bruins and Canadiens, or even the Dodgers and Giants, rivalry games, matches, and series all come with something special. Coming from an athlete's perspective, notably hockey, whenever a rivalry game is [...]

State of the New York Yankees: August 5, 2010 »

Speaking in present terms, yesterday afternoon's game in the Bronx may have been one of the biggest games for the Yankees this season. If you haven't heard yet, Alex Rodriguez finally hit his 600th career home run, snapping his 0-17 hitless streak after 12 straight games without a home run.  He also became the youngest player ever to join [...]

Alex Rodriguez Finally Hits His Historic Home Run »

First and foremost, a congratulations is in order to Mr. Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez for becoming the youngest player in MLB history to hit 600 home runs. What an accomplishment. In the first inning of today's game on August 4, 2010 Alex launched a home run to center field, and launching the monkey and pressure off of his back with it. He [...]

The Curious Case of Joba Chamberlain »

Remember in 2007 when the Yankee community heard about this kid in the minor leagues who some dubbed better than Hughes?   A kid who had a fierce mentality on the mound, whose fastball could hit triple digits, and with a slider that not even Joe Dimaggio could hit?   His name is Joba Chamberlain, or as most people thought back in 2007, [...]

State of the New York Yankees: August 4, 2010 »

Even after an early Mark Teixeira home run (23), Ricky Romero and the Toronto Blue Jays were too much for the New York Yankees. As of today, the Yankees have lost three consecutive games, four of their last five.  But yesterday, they lost something more. The division lead. With an 8-2 Yankee loss to the Blue Jays, and a Tampa bay 6-4 victory [...]

State of the Yankees: Aug. 3, 2010 »

As of today, the New York Yankees are in first place in the ultra competitive American League East with a record of 66-39—not to mention they have the best record in baseball. At first glance, it looks pretty good, right? The Yankees have dropped three out of four games to division rivals: two against Tampa Bay and one against Toronto. [...]

Javier Vazquez: Yankees Unlikely Hero »

The 2010 Yankees are a team full of talented and special baseball players. They are locked, loaded and ready to take the AL East by storm. Lance Berkman, Kerry Wood, and Austin Kearns, all newcomers, have filled holes that the Yankees had, notably the bridge to Mariano with Wood. All three were great moves, and Brian Cashman deserves credit [...]

New York Yankees: Playoffs in August »

  The Yankees are about to enter a very crucial stretch in their season, playing the Rays, Jays and the hated rival Red Sox. The current series finale vs. Tampa Bay is about to get underway, and as the hero from last night Robinson Cano put it, "It feels like a playoff." It was a big win, because now the Yankees are assured to leave Tampa [...]

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