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Saturday October 31st 2020


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Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez: Former New »

Former New York Yankees postseason hero, Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, is going to finally officially retire, according to a tweet by Andy Martino of the New York Daily News last night.El Duque last pitched in the MLB back in 2007, but was in the minor leagues for the Washington Nationals in 2010.Hernandez made his mark in MLB when [...]

New York Yankees: Why Jorge Posada Doesn’t »

New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is not having a good year. He's not even having a decent year. He's having the worst year of his career and it is causing the Yankees front office and their manager to make a tough decision.What should they do with Jorge?From 1998 (the year he became an everyday player) through 2010, Posada was one of the best [...]

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox: Enough »

It's that time of year again.  The time of year when the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox make headlines for taking over four hours to play a game again, and everyone starts complaining about it.Whether it's umpire "Cowboy" Joe West calling them "pathetic and embarrassing" in July 2010 or Steve Rushin of Sports Illustrated complaining that [...]

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox: Weekend Battle »

Yesterday, the New York Yankees beat the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians.  With those results, both teams are now tied for first place at the top of the American League East with records of 68-42.This gives even more meaning to this weekend's series in Fenway Park.  One of the two teams will come [...]

A.J. Burnett: The Model of Inconsistency for the New »

Yesterday against the Chicago White Sox, A.J. Burnett was staked to an early 12-run lead by the New York Yankees' potent offense.  Burnett then proceeded to give half that lead back and was out of the game with one out in the fifth inning, resulting in a no-decision for him.In his previous start against the Baltimore Orioles, Burnett [...]

New York Yankees Trade Deadline: A Fan’s Plea »

Dear Brian Cashman,With the trade deadline fast approaching I beg you to make smart moves.I beg you not to mortgage the future on some team's "ace" when that pitcher would be at best a number three or four starter in the American League East.I beg you not to overpay for a Japanese pitcher. The Yankees haven't had much success with that in the past [...]

New York Yankees: Former Yankee Pitcher Hideki Irabu »

Hardball Talk is reporting that the former New York Yankees, Montreal Expos and Texas Rangers pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead in his California apartment.  While no further details are being provided right now, it appears suicide by hanging was the cause of his death.While Irabu never truly flourished in the United States as a [...]

Derek Jeter Will Not Be First Unanimous MLB Hall of »

This afternoon, I read an article by Sam Borden from Sports Illustrated where he discusses the chance of Derek Jeter becoming the first ever unanimous Baseball Hall of Fame inductee.Ignoring some of the statistical and factual errors in the article (Jeter has five championships, not four and Barry Larkin has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame [...]

New York Yankees: Analyzing Why This Will Be a Quiet »

With the July 31 trade deadline fast approaching, many New York Yankees fans have to be wondering if the Yankees will be making a big splash in the market.  The answer to that query is a resounding no.Before you get all up in arms and start yelling from the rooftops, there are several factors to consider regarding whether the Yankees will [...]

Roger Clemens’ Mistrial: Was It a Good or Bad »

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton declared a mistrial in the Roger Clemens trial on perjury charges and now we'll have to wait and see if he can even be tried again.I'm not so sure the mistrial was the best thing for Roger Clemens.  Yes, chances are "double jeopardy" will be attached so he won't be able to be tried again, so that [...]

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