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Monday October 26th 2020


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New York Yankees: Losing Seven of Eight Is Not the End »

With a 1-0 loss to Tampa Bay, the Yankees dropped out of first place for the first time since August 3.  They've lost seven of their past eight games, three via the walk-off.  No one player has been entirely blameless during the stretch and many players have played poorly, or not at all. Some players are dealing with injuries—Nick [...]

Curtis Granderson’s New Swing Is a Hit for New »

About a week into the 2010 season, Curtis Granderson looked like a terrific addition to the Yankees. He homered in his first at-bat as a Yankee and then hit a game-winning home run against Boston two days later. He put up a .357/.419/.607 triple slash line with two homers, five RBI's, and three stolen bases in his first week in pinstripes. Yankee [...]

New York Yankees: Bullpen Resurgence Integral for »

With the way the game has changed over the past few decades, relief pitching has become a substantially more important part of baseball. In the age of innings limits, pitch counts, and match-ups, starters aren't pitching as deep into games as was once the norm.  A bad bullpen can turn a decent team into a bad one, and a great bullpen can [...]

Nick Swisher: From Chicago Garbage to New York Gold »

Nick Swisher arrived in New York rather unheralded, acquired from the White Sox after the 2008 season for seldom-used infielder Wilson Betemit and two throwaway prospects. He had allegedly worn out his welcome in Chicago after only one season, having alienated manager Ozzie Guillen and suffered through a career-worst .219/.332/.410 [...]

Alex Rodriguez: Is 600 Home Runs A Big Deal? »

Is 600 a big deal? That was the question posed by ESPN's morning edition of SportsCenter the day following Alex Rodriguez's historic home run.  Performance enhancing drugs or not, 600 home runs by one individual player most certainly is a big deal.  Of the thousands of players to play the game, Alex Rodriguez is only the seventh player [...]

How the Yankees New Additions Fit and What’s »

The Yankees were among the busiest teams at the trade deadline yesterday, significantly changing their roster in hopes of another World Series title. Each new player coming in will have a role to play, while the players they're replacing will move on to different things themselves.Begin Slideshow

Adam Dunn and the New York Yankees Would Be a Perfect »

It's become a rite of summer.  If a major league team has an available player at the trade deadline, he'll be connected to the Yankees somehow, whether he makes sense for New York or not. So it comes as no surprise that the Yankees have been connected to just about every available player at this year's trade deadline.  They've made [...]

Yankees Miss On Cliff Lee: Mariners Reportedly Pull »

A rumored deal that would send Mariner's star lefty Cliff Lee to the Yankees for top prospect Jesus Montero, along with infielder David Adams and pitcher Zach McAlister, is apparently off. The Mariners have allegedly balked due to concerns over David Adams bad ankle, which he injured breaking up a double play while at Double-A Trenton about a [...]

Temporary Roster Fixes For the New York Yankees »

The Yankees have been forced to shuffle around their roster due to injuries this season. Their bullpen and designated hitter spot in their lineup.  Players like Al Aceves, Sergio Mitre, Nick Johnson and Marcus Thames, who, while not bona fide stars, all do play a particular role on the 2010 Yankees. The Yankees have had to make do with [...]

Switching Things Up: Pat Venditte Offer Unique Skill »

When Pat Venditte came on to pitch for the Yankees against the Braves a few days ago, I was excited.  As a fan with an interest in the Yankees farm system, I enjoy spring training because it gives me a chance to see some of the young guys that otherwise I wouldn't. Venditte is not a flashy name, nor will you find him high up on any of the top [...]

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