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Tuesday October 27th 2020


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Robinson Cano to 3rd Base Solves a Number of Problems »

Robinson Cano is currently the most dangerous and talented second baseman in Major League Baseball.There are others in the conversation—Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler, Brandon Phillips—however, none of them bring the complete combination of tools to the equation that Cano does, and none of them are asked to be the main component of their [...]

NY Yankees 2015: Prospect Pool Could Be Very Special »

The 2013 Yankees, no doubt, will be an old team. The infield, which has been the foundation around which the entire team has been built over the past seasons, averages over 34 years of age. It's two most celebrated members, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, are 38 and 37, respectively. While age may be a state of mind for those of us in the real [...]

Aggressive Trades Required to Energize New York »

If you've followed the Yankees on even a semi-consistent basis over the past two years or so, you know by now that ownership is mandating that the team payroll gets below $189 million by 2014. This is the magic number that could save the organization $40 million or so in luxury tax penalties, and that's $40 million that Yankees owner Hal [...]

New York Yankees: 4 Critical Offseason Moves That Need »

As the 2012 postseason has finally come to a merciful end for the New York Yankees, the organization must again prepare to look ahead. The season lasted a little longer than it did last year for the Yankees, of course. however, the Yankees would likely have traded the additional four games played for an early vacation if they had known they would [...]

New York Yankees: Hitting Coach Kevin Long Must Be »

Through seven games of the 2012 playoff season, the Yankees' offensivenumbers, across the board, are beyond bleak. The team slash line is .205 avg/.277 OBP/.326 SLG/.603 OBPS, an ugly sight by any measure and a perfect example of a situation where the numbers don't lie. These are the Bronx Bombers, the same [...]

New York Yankees: Game 3 Win Tempered by Reality Check »

With all due respect to Raul Ibanez, this was not the way things were supposed to happen.Down 2-1 in the ninth inning of a pivotal Game 3 in the ALDS, and having produced virtually no offense for eight-plus innings, the Yankees were simply not engineered to have their fate decided by a 40-year-old journeyman outfielder who, if the regular season [...]

New York Yankees: Pineda Struggles with Velocity, »

Michael Pineda is very happy with his changeup right about now. It's the pitch that everyone in Yankeeland has been telling him he needs to develop if he wants to be a legitimate, top-of-the-rotation starter for the Yankees. And they're all right, by the way, as there are few examples in today's game of two-pitch starters thriving for [...]

MLB Trade News: Brian Cashman’s Pitching »

Whether you like the trade of Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi for Michael Pineda and Jose Campos or not—and to be clear, this writer does not—you have to think that Brian Cashman is absolutely relishing the role he's played in all of this.This is the kind of deal that makes Cashman feel good about himself, the kind he would [...]

MLB: New York Yankees’ Curious Offseason Leads »

When an actor in Hollywood takes on an iconic role, the biggest concern for that person is the possibility of becoming typecast—in other words so identified with that role and character that audiences, and more importantly movie producers, lose the ability to see the actor as any other character. The late Christopher Reeve, who starred in [...]

Yankees Trade Rumors: Eduardo Nunez for Jair Jurrjens »

 Brian Cashman, the long-term general manager for the New York Yankees, is a man who appears to know exactly what he wants. He has navigated some of the most treacherous corporate waters in all the world—namely, the front office of the New York Yankees—with a deft touch, internal confidence and the instinct to know when [...]

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