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Sunday April 14th 2024


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Yankees Trade Rumors: Will Alex Rodriguez’s »

The night of July 24 was the craziest night that we have seen in baseball this season, and it may end up being more crazy than the night of the actual trade deadline itself. For Yankees fans, it was big not because of a trade, but rather because of an injury.Alex Rodriguez suffered a broken hand in the loss to the Seattle Mariners, and projections [...]

Yao Ming and 20 Athletes We Wish Had Healthier Careers »

There many been many players throughout sports who we would consider among the greatest players to play their respective sports. These, of course, are household names,even to people that may not be fans of the sport.There is another group of athletes, however, that could have belonged somewhere near that group had things worked out better for [...]

MLB Free Agency: Why Cliff Lee Deserves Halladay‚Äôs »

In this year's rather modest free agent market, two names stick out; Carl Crawford of the Rays, and Cliff Lee of the Rangers. Lee in particular is the gem of the starting pitcher class, a one-time Cy Young winner, and a key piece of two straight World Series appearances.Only three years ago, Lee was a hot and cold pitcher, who had some great [...]

Highway Robbery: Derek Jeter’s Gold Glove Win Is »

On November 9th at 2 P.M., the American League Gold Glove winners were announced. Having written up my own choices, I went and compared both. For the most part, the results were pretty spot on. Franklin Gutierrez and Carl Crawford's first Gold Gloves were long overdue, and I was rooting for Evan Longoria to get another one over some who [...]

Josh Hamilton Vs. Mickey Mantle: MLB’s Top 20 »

We all know of the baseball greats, the players whose performances have stood the tests of time. Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Lefty Grove, not to mention the obvious ones. We know of those who are leading the charge in today's game. Josh Hamilton, Tim Lincecum, Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer, just to name a few.The best in the game match up [...]

New York Yankees-Tampa Bay Rays: Breaking Down the AL »

As the 2010 season draws to a close, pennant races are taking shape for the final weeks, and the Wild Card picture is beginning to look more clear. In the case of the AL East, it's quite clear that both teams will make the playoffs.This does not mean that this race is of little importance. Quite the contrary, this Yankees-Rays showdown is shaping [...]

Kerry Wood’s Sudden Excellence Confusing the »

When two opposing forces meet, the results can be explosive. We see it in television, movies, and even in our everyday sayings (the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object, or more simply, red vs. blue). The Yankees gave a huge contract to Carl Pavano after the 2004 season, and after the 2008 season, the Yankees gave up on Pavano. This was the [...]

Mariano Rivera Has Now Done Something Even He Has Not »

When someone asks who is one of baseball's best closers, Mariano Rivera is among the first names on that list, and rightfully so. His career ERA is in the top 15 all time, and his ERA-plus is easily the greatest all time, not to mention his save numbers, and World Series rings as a member of the New York Yankees. So what's left for this dominant [...]