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Friday April 19th 2024


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4 Moves the New York Yankees Would Make If Fans Ran »

During the course of one day while listening to New York’s sports talk station WFAN, you will realize many of the fans “know it all”.  Many times they feel their personal thoughts and edgy hypothesis’s about their favorite team, including the Yankees, should be considered scripture. For anyone that does listen they [...]

5 Worst Contracts in New York Yankees History »

Even being the richest team in baseball doesn’t translate into immediate success.  It’s no secret the Yankees mantra revolves around championships and money.  Unlike many teams, their immense wealth allows them to dangerously push the envelope on a borderline wise move.  But when you play with fire, you ultimately get [...]

New York Yankee: 5 Players Who Might Be Replaced This »

In spring training, the majority of the baseball landscape would co-sign for a season that ended in the American League Championship Series.  To be one of the four remaining teams in the league is without a doubt a dubious distinction. But when a season that had so much promise became a traveling circus in a New York minute, we all knew [...]

4 Reasons Bringing Ichiro Suzuki Back in 2013 Is a »

With a payroll that exceeds the national budget of 35 countries, many observers don’t give Brian Cashman much credit for what he does.  When you have that much money to play with how can you make the wrong decision?  And if you hiccup it’s cleaned, stored away, and forgotten.  Kei Igawa, anyone? But, Cashman deserves [...]

Annual New York Yankee Underachiever Nick Swisher »

There are certain places where sports intensity takes on a new form of life.  Places where the blood pressure of fans only dips down to normal when the game has ended. New York City is one of those places. Now in his fourth year with the Yankees, one would think Nick Swisher should be aware of this by now.  He should know that New York [...]

4 Players Who Need to Step Up ASAP for the Yankees to »

We all know the names that coincide with Yankee postseason excellence: Mantle, DiMaggio and Jeter among others. There is no better way to endear yourself to a New York fan base then excelling in the biggest of spots. Scores of regular season studs have entered the postseason only to walk away as a mere pedestrian. Others have left the stage as [...]

New York Yankees: 5 Predictions for the Offseason »

Even with the floor of the Yankee clubhouse still sticky from copious amounts of sprayed champagne, the overall big picture has to be examined. Yes, the Yankees start their playoff life on Sunday, but it’s never too early to take a gander at the makeup of the team in 2013. With well-publicized attempts at lowering payroll by 2014 and aging [...]

How Can Pineda, Gardner, Pettitte and Rivera Impact »

With the Yankees in the middle of a pennant race, most people’s eyes are fixed on the 2012 Yankees.  But, for some of us, the future is too tempting to wait for the offseason. There’s no doubt that many faces the club planned to see throughout the year barely made an appearance.Newly acquired Michael Pineda’s season ended [...]

Derek Jeter Could See Himself with Another Team, and »

Collectively as a professional fraternity, sports journalists seem to think they are an extremely bright and witty bunch. Whether engaging in snarky Twitter wars with perceived imbecile readers or not allowing comments on their pristine works of art (looking in your direction, Mike Lupica), they seem to sit high atop their soapbox completely [...]

New York Yankees: Same Old Andy Pettitte in Debut from »

Before a sparsely populated make-up crowd on Wednesday, the return of starting pitcher Andy Pettitte went strictly according to plan. Making his first start for the New York Yankees since June 27th, when he went on the disabled list with a fractured ankle, he took full advantage of a poor Toronto Blue Jay lineup in the Yankee 4-2 win. In five [...]

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