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Sunday April 14th 2024


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Lou Gehrig: Remembering the Baseball Icon Nearly 70 »

In the Spring of 1923, the New York Yankees decided to take a chance on a little-known player from Columbia University named Lou Gehrig.Obviously, the rest was history as Gehrig went on to play for the Yanks for 17 seasons and put together one of the best careers for any player who has worn the pinstripes.Over his storied big-league career, he had [...]

MLB Power Rankings: Top 10 Moments in Baseball History »

There have been many great moments throughout the course of baseball history.From national league sluggers battling it out in a home-run chase, to a Dodgers player becoming one of the first black players to play in the league, we have experienced a lot in the past 142 years of major league baseball.The following is my take on the best 10 moments [...]

$200M Payroll + No World Series Title = Failed Season »

The 2009 New York Yankees came into the regular season with a lot of hope and promise. They splurged big time in their off-season by signing ace CC Sabathia, another ace in A.J. Burnett, and slugging first basemen Mark Teixeira. This was beginning to look like the most talented lineup and pitching staff that the Yankees have ever put out on the [...]