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Saturday April 20th 2024


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2012 ALDS: Why the Yankees Should Be Confident with CC »

In the 13th inning of Thursday's Game 4 ALDS showdown between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees, as the O's sealed victory and a listless Bronx crowd filed out onto River Avenue, one could sense a deep gloom settling over Yankee Nation.Like a bitter, disgusted, vent-your-frustration-on-call-in-radio kind of gloom.Was this really [...]

Why Andy Pettitte Will Be Valuable Postseason Asset »

The New York Yankees have obstacles aplenty on their path to the World Series: an aging lineup with precious little foot speed, a rickety infield defense that lacks range up the middle and a plucky ALDS opponent in the Baltimore Orioles—just to name a few.Not among the litany of potential pitfalls so far? Pitching.Even after a bitter 3-2 [...]