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Wednesday October 21st 2020


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Yankees Should Target Aroldis Chapman, Craig Kimbrel »

Brian Cashman has attacked the previous two offseasons differently following disappointing years, and this one has a chance to be handled a third way after the New York Yankees’ return to the postseason in 2015 lasted all of three hours.  When the Yankees missed the playoffs in 2013, general manager Cashman reacted by spending more than [...]

Yankees’ October Run in Jeopardy If Masahiro »

The pick-an-ace game of chance will not work in October. The New York Yankees need a definitive answer. But for nearly six months, that all-important No. 1 spot in the rotation has been a revolving door of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately candidates, none of which have been able to keep the position in their grasps for what seems like more than a [...]

Masahiro Tanaka’s Clutch Complete Game Provides »

Momentum is such a fickle thing in Major League Baseball. While the narrative and storyline that comes along with it feed the public’s interest and make for good radio, column and bar-stool fodder, the truth is momentum in that sport shifts from day to day, inning to inning and even batter to batter. All the momentum in the [...]

A-Rod Continues to Turn Back the Clock for His Best »

For so many, Alex Rodriguez is providing something close to their worst-case scenario.  There is zero doubt many fans, media members and even those within Major League Baseball—uniformed or not—wanted A-Rod to fall flat on his face in 2015, to resemble the broken-down, washed-up player he was in 2012 and 2013. Only worse. Ideally [...]

Yankees Must Roll the Dice on Top Pitching Prospect »

Times have changed for the New York Yankees. They can no longer bully with their bank account—or at least they are opting not to—because too many other teams have money these days. They cannot rely on the trade market to find their missing pieces because they are missing too many. And in their new age of not wanting to throw around [...]

Brian McCann Finally Showing Why Yankees Gave Him $85M »

The immediate thought was “bust” after the 2014 season. Maybe it was because the New York Yankees were paying out the contract and already in the process of paying out a few others that could be labeled in a similar way—Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran. It could have been that the player was [...]

Steroids or Not, A-Rod Reaching 2,000 RBI Is Rare Feat »

The lightning rod has struck again. And with that, his critics will surely strike back. Alex Rodriguez woke up Saturday morning with 1,999 RBI to his professional name. How he was aided in getting them—his immense offensive talent, his teammates being on base and, of course, the drugs—is irrelevant to the record books. By the time he [...]

Yankees Still Wise to Let Robinson Cano Walk Even with »

The New York Yankees were never going to go there. No way. No how. No chance. Having finally smartened up after being burned by gigantic, seemingly never-ending deals in its recent past, the most successful franchise in American sports history finally said no. “They weren’t going to go there again,” a source told the New York [...]

Yankees’ 1-9 Free Fall Could Be Beginning of End »

Garrett Jones pitched. Got that? Garrett Jones, backup first baseman and backup designated hitter, pitched Saturday.  For the New York Yankees. In a real game. And he was their most effective arm. Garrett Jones lived out his dream...and it was awesome. He was our best pitcher of the day...and that's sad. — Delia Enriquez (@dfiregirl4) [...]

Jorge Posada Risking His Own Legacy More Than »

For all of the non-talking baseball players do during their playing days, it's ironic how chatty and controversial they get after exiting the field for the final time and are trying to sell their own piece of media. Jorge Posada, one of the great New York Yankee catchers in franchise history, is the latest to stroll this road as he pumps his [...]

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