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Friday April 19th 2024


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Derek Jeter and Free Agent Fails: Infamous Times a »

The sports industry is an odd one.You can give your heart and soul to a team and its fans, and they can want no part of you when it comes to a new contract. There have been several instances where a player has chosen to move on, or a team chooses to trade a player and at least get something for their star player.But, in rare instances, a [...]

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox: Is the Rivalry »

There have been some great sports rivalries during the last 100 years. Celtics-Lakers. Ali-Frazier. Agassi-Sampras. But can those rivalries compare to what the Red Sox and Yankees have had over the last decade? Sometimes it seemed like 75 percent of Sox-Yankees games were nationally televised. And if you were a baseball fan, you watched. The [...]