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A-Rod’s Contract: Best Places to Spend It If »

The New York Yankees potentially can void Alex Rodriguez’s contract if accusations of his involvement in another performance-enhancing drug scandal are true.  If they are successful, the Yankees will reach their goal of lowering payroll under $189 million by 2014, and have money to sign potential free agents. A Miami New Times [...]

Mark Teixeira Believes He’s ‘Not Very »

The New York Yankees have been synonymous with massive contracts for as long as we can all remember. But large contracts worth unreasonable amounts of money have been especially prevalent over the past several seasons.First, it was Alex Rodriguez and his $275 million contract—and we all know where that's gotten him and the Bombers.Rodriguez [...]

Mark Teixeira: How N.Y. Yankees Slugger Can Crush »

The infield shift is one of the most effective yet frustrating strategies used in sports. Originally used by Cleveland Indians Manager Lou Boudreau to halt Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams, the infield shift has given baseball fans fits.It has done so because the infield shift is a self-licking ice cream cone, surviving only because of [...]

Why the Yankees Will Never Again Be the Steinbrenner »

Never mind what George would do.George Steinbrenner is gone from this earth, and you can tell he's gone just by looking at his old team. The New York Yankees have changed, becoming more conservative and more business-minded than they ever were under The Boss.This is not a bad thing. It's just a different thing.Fans who lament the disappearance of [...]

Latest News on Every Injured Yankees Player »

From the very beginning of the 2012 season right through to the bitter end of it, the New York Yankees suffered numerous key injuries.In spite of those setbacks, the team still managed to win the most games in the American League and fell just four wins short of a trip to the October Classic.Going into the 2013 campaign, the majority of the team [...]

Travis Hafner: How Slugging DH Could Help NY Yankees »

On Thursday, Andrew Marchand of ESPN reported the New York Yankees acquired veteran slugger Travis Hafner.From Marchand: "Sources said Hafner, who also can play first base, will receive a one-year, incentive-laden deal."This pending move may be a head-scratching affair for Yankees fans wanting this team to sign younger, less injury-prone [...]

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