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New York Yankees Need Another Starter to Help Sabathia »

In 2011, New York Yankees pitchers led the league with a 118 ERA+. Their 3.73 team ERA was surpassed by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (3.57), the Tampa Bay Rays (3.58) and the Oakland A's (3.71), but the Yankees had a better ERA+ because unlike ERA, ERA+ factors in a team's home park. This season, the Yankees have a 105 ERA+ and a 4.11 ERA. [...]

Analyzing the Value of the 10 Biggest Contracts »

"Money doesn't buy happiness" is a common saying.The same thing could be said about high profile contracts in sports. No matter how high the number or how great the player, results aren't guaranteed for the teams that give out those contracts. Over the years, we've seen athletes' fortunes go up from really rich to obscenely and [...]

What If the New York Yankees’ Offense »

With 15 home runs, Curtis Granderson is the only New York Yankees player in double figures after 49 games. Nick Swisher, of all people, leads the team with 31 RBIs.The Yankees' offense is not what it used to be. If it doesn't revert to form, there will not be much October baseball in the Bronx. What is upsetting is that this might be the new [...]

Will the New York Yankees Win Another World Series »

Approximately 25 percent ($53.125 million) of the New Yankees 2012 payroll ($196 million) is dedicated to the services of two players: Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.  For those of you scoring at home, that’s more than the entire Oakland Athletics team.            [...]

Brett Gardner: Healthy Outfielder Can Spark New York »

The 2012 New York Yankees are an enigma. Some games this team looks like it could outslug the Texas Rangers. Yet other times it looks like a group of men swinging flyswatters at inbound meteors. Understand New York has won five of seven games and is in the top 10 in nearly every offensive category in baseball. Also understand the Yankees pitching [...]

Roger Clemens No Longer Must Fear a Conviction Thanks »

The government does not have a strong enough case to prevent a reasonable individual from realizing that, in its case against Roger Clemens, there is reasonable doubt. The latest government witness, Anthony Corso, testified today, May 29 at the circus referred to as Clemens' trial. Corso contradicted himself at worst and created confusion at best. [...]

2012 MLB Draft Prospects: Potential Yankees Selection »

With the 2012 MLB first-year player draft just around the corner, it's time to start taking a look at some names we should start to familiarize ourselves with.One such player is Austin Maddox, who Matt Garrioch of MinorLeagueBall.com predicts will get drafted by the Yankees with the No. 30 pick in the first round.Maddox, a junior at the University [...]

Phil Hughes: New York Yankees Hurler Takes Home AL »

Phil Hughes got off to a bumpy start this season, but he went into his start against the Los Angeles Angels on Monday night on something of a hot streak. He had gone 3-1 in his last four starts with a highly respectable 2.81 ERA.Unfortunately for the New York Yankees, Hughes got back to his old habits on Monday evening. He got knocked around [...]

Sparky Lyle’s Unusual Performance in the 1977 »

Before Mariano Rivera and Rich Gossage, the New York Yankees had Sparky Lyle. No one did more than Lyle to help the Yankees win the 1977 world championship, which was their first one since 1962. On March 22, 1972, the Boston Red Sox traded Lyle to the Yankees in exchange for first baseman-outfielder Danny Cater. It was a trade, not a free agent [...]

Derek Jeter and A-Rod: NY Yankee Greats Pursue Record »

There's no doubt about it—New York Yankees Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are great players pursuing baseball history. Both will end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame.But they are both also running from Father Time, hoping to be playing long enough to do what no other players have done before. Will their bodies and playing days last until [...]

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