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CC Sabathia: Yankees’ Ace Sabathia Prefers Canz »

CC Sabathia is a man of many appetites. He loves his sports and his food just as much as any red-blooded American. However, when it comes to Hooters, Sabathia would rather have a great set of Canz. I am of course referring to the burgeoning set of franchises known as Canz-a-Citi. The restaurant chain is opening a new chain in the Midtown [...]

MLB: Arm Chair GM- Changes I Would Make as the Yankees »

Have you ever tried playing Arm Chair GM when it comes to your favorite sports team? You know like wondering what the team could do to win and what moves they could and should make.Wondering why they signed one player and not the other?Have you ever thought to yourself or even stated out loud that you could do a better job that the man that really [...]

MLB Free Agents 2012: Who Is Yu Darvish? »

A right-handed ace from overseas may be eligible to make the move to the majors very soon, and has every club up in arms.Sound familiar?Players such as: Ichiro Suzuki, Hideki Matsui, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hiroki Kuroda, Kei Igawa, Hideki Okajima and many more have all been exported to the US to play in the MLB.While some have been successful (Suzuki [...]

The 1996 Braves Were Declared World Champions After »

The New York Yankees would soon be put out of their misery. Only the 1985 Kansas City Royals and the 1986 New York Mets had lost the first two games of the World Series at home and come back to win. The 1996 Atlanta Braves were not the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals or the 1986 Boston Red Sox. They were the defending World Champions. After Greg Maddux [...]

CC Sabathia Free-Agent News: 7 Teams with the Cash to »

With the 2011 season officially over for the Yankees following a 3-2 Game 5 loss to the Tigers in the ALDS, all eyes are focused squarely on the "big man."  Yankees ace CC Sabathia has reached the infamous opt-out clause in his contract, which allows him to walk away from the remaining four years and $92 million on his record-setting [...]

Lack of Pitching, Not Lack of Timely Hitting, Cost New »

The basic premise is that the New York Yankees, despite president Randy Levine's protestations, don't really care if they win the World Series as long as they make money. If management wanted to maximize their chances of becoming world champions this past season, general manager Brian Cashman would have been allowed to sign or trade for one or two [...]

MLB Free Agency: Should the New York Yankees Risk »

We've heard all the hype about Yu Darvish for about two years now.We've all wondered when he'll leave Japan to come to the Major Leagues.It looks like Nippon Ham Fighters of the Japanese Baseball League, will post Darvish and make him available for the 2012 season.For those unfamiliar with how posting works, Darvish's team will have an auction of [...]

How Hank Bauer and the New York Yankees Finally Saved »

Mickey Mantle became a legend many years before he became a legend. It created many problems for him, some of which he was unprepared to face. On the field, Mantle had to learn how to play the outfield while in the major leagues. A shortstop who was defensively challenged, Casey Stengel and the New York Yankees decided that Mantle would become a [...]

How the Yankees Can Return to Dominance: 5 Things They »

In their 110th year of existence, the New York Yankees did not win the World Series, meaning, to members of the Yankees' team, front office, and fan community, the season ended too early for the 83rd time in the team's history.However you spin it, though, the Yankees finished first in a super competitive AL East division. All of this was done [...]

Derek Jeter: Alleged Late-Night Partying Won’t »

One of the things that fans love and love to hate about New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is his active social life. He has dated some of the most famous and beautiful women in the world in his 16 years as a Major League Baseball player, but never has he been caught in a scandal of any kind. Considering the New York media and the ladies [...]

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