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Sunday November 28th 2021


You Got Punk’d: New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter Informs the Home-Plate Ump

York Yankees star Derek Jeter’s on-field performance the other night against the Tampa Bay Rays has definitely caught the eye of the sports world.

In case you missed Jeter’s trickery, just click HERE to watch it.

Everyone from NASCAR drivers to retired NFL players to Jeter himself was asked their opinion on the situation.

As expected, answers were extensively wide-ranging, from anger to praise for the Yankees Captain.

Jeter admitted in the post-game that it had hit the bat and the umpire told him to go to first base. Jeter didn’t outright lie, because it is the umpire's decision, and his job to judge.

This type of stuff happens in sports across the board, but similar scenarios happen in courtrooms, ...

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