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Friday September 18th 2020


Yankees’ Weak Hitting Balanced by Superior Pitching, Just Like 2012 Oakland A’s

class="ui-droppable">Unless the New York Yankees' pitching really falls apart in 2013, the Bombers should be in prime shape to nab a spot in the postseason. Nearly one-third of the 2013 season is now in the books, here at the end of May, and the Yankees' excellent pitching has balanced out their below-average hitting. 

The Yankees' bus ride across the Robert F. Kennedy bridge from the Bronx into Queens on Monday and Tuesday must have hardly felt like much of a road trip. When they arrived at Citi Field, as usual, many of their fans were in the house to cheer them on. 

However, two straight miserable nights at the plate against Jonathon Niese and Matt Harvey made the Yankees dream of being back at the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium. ...

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