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Wednesday January 20th 2021


Yankees vs. Red Sox Running Blog: Special Abridged Rain Delay Edition

tickets to an intriguing Beckett/Sabathia duel, I planned to tweet in real time with my thoughts during the game. Who am I kidding, I usually do that anyway.Unfortunately, the most exciting thing that happened all night was my trip to the World Famous Bronx Crown Diner, as I forewent my regular $8.50 Premio Hot Sausage. 

To be continued with the rain check. 

12:30 PM: Heading to the Stadium again tonight for the New York Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox....you know what that means: Way too many sarcastic tweets (in real time).

6:30 PM: You know you're in the Bronx when you pass a retailer that is half video game store, half Cash for Gold location.

6:34 PM: Sitting in the Crown Diner instead of spending ...

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