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Sunday June 20th 2021


Yankees Trade Scenarios: 10 Outfield Targets If Brett Gardner Doesn’t Return

Brett Gardner out another three to four weeks, some people are wondering if he'll ever make it back at all.  After playing just nine games, Gardner went on the DL and has experienced setbacks prolonging his stint on the DL.

The New York Yankees miss Gardner's speed, athleticism, defense, and base running skills.  He can get on base and create runs all thanks to his speed and know how around the bases.  In the outfield, he can chase down fly balls that could've ended up turning into a double without his speed.

Since Gardner went down, the Yankees have been primarily using Raul Ibanez as the left fielder.  With his age and poor numbers against lefties, however, Ibanez isn't suited to play the field everyday.  Andruw Jones ...

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