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Wednesday September 30th 2020


Yankees’ Meeting with 111-Year-Old Fan Opens Flood of Questions About Age

class="ui-droppable">When the New York Yankees greeted Bernando LaPallo, a man claiming to be 111 years old, he  welcomed a great deal of scrutiny regarding his age. 

The New York Daily News reported on a wonderful story that, taken at face value, is a remarkable tale of old age and unbelievable health. 

Unfortunately, that may not be the entire story. 

According to the report, LaPallo stopped by new Yankee Stadium on Saturday to meet with his favorite team and some of its biggest stars. He exchanged words with Derek Jeter and revealed his favorite Yankee is his "main man," Mariano Rivera. 

The Daily News report is filled with stunning details on LaPallo that should give most the hope of a few more decades ...

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