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Friday June 18th 2021


Yankees Fans and Miss America Get Wet as She Sings God Bless America at 1AM

was 1:29 AM on the East Coast, when the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles went into the seventh inning stretch and brought out Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011, to sing God Bless America in front of an estimated 500 fans inside Yankee Stadium.

The rain was coming down hard in the Bronx as the two teams faced off, because the Yankees needed to get the game in on Tuesday night. Tuesday night became Wednesday morning after a start time of 11:00 PM.

Scanlan came out to sing and to the dismay of fans in attendance, she took her time with the song. Typically, Yankee Stadium plays Kate Smith's rendition of God Bless America over the speakers. Tuesday night was just not the night for a live performance. 

There were over ...

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