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Friday May 14th 2021


Yankees Face Potential Doom as Usual

is something arrogant about the New York Yankees. The Boss, for those of us annoyed by his inhumane behavior or his loudmouthed ways to censure his players, ones he lavishes with outrageous salaries, is much too talkative to refrain from acting like a blowhard.

Sadly enough, Hank Steinbrenner is the most bombastic idiot the game of baseball has ever seen, unwisely taking after his late father, George Steinbrenner. As the most scorned businessman in the majors, running ultimately a ballclub filled with arrogance, wrapped with mystique and ruled by the pretentious Steinbrenners, he is traditionally the brand name in baseball.

Because it's entirely a prestigious family in power of the richest franchise in baseball, Steinbrenner ...

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