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Sunday November 28th 2021


Yankee Stadium: The Place That Converts Yankee Watchers Into Fans

Sunday, I made my second journey to the new Yankee Stadium with my fiance, Kate, and watched the New York Yankees lose, 7-3, to the Toronto Blue Jays.

For the second time in two years, Kate and I enjoyed ourselves at one of my new favorite places on earth.
Officially, I am not a Yankee's fan but the more I watch the AL East's first-place team and the more I visit Yankee Stadium, the more I like them.
The reasons have nothing to do with their HUGE payroll or because they win a lot more than they lose (however, it's a nice feeling to cheer for a team that wins because I am used to losing franchises).
Here are the REAL reasons that my interest in the Yankees is peaking.
First, the players.
The Yankee players who have been signed via free ...

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