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Friday September 25th 2020


Would NY Yankees’ Collapse Finally Make New Yorkers Forget About Mets in 2007?

2007 New York Mets held a seven-game lead in the NL East on Sept. 12. 

Over the course of the next 18 days—during which time the Mets went 5-12 in their final 17 games—the Mets blew their first-place lead and eventually lost the division by one game to the Philadelphia Phillies. 

The 2012 New York Yankees held a 10-game lead in the AL East over the Baltimore Orioles as of July 18.

Since then, the Yankees' lead has slowly but steadily dwindled. The Yanks began September with a three-game margin over the O's. Four days later, the two teams were tied for first place. During the past 24 days, the Yankees haven't lost their division lead but have had to share it seven times. 

Though the Yankees are still ...

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