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Monday October 26th 2020


Would a Healthy Brian Wilson Be an Option for New York Yankees at Closer?

Imagine in your head, if you will, San Francisco Giants right-hander Brian Wilson.

Now imagine him shorn of his beard and wearing pinstripes.

The word you're now searching for is "bizarre." What's even more bizarre is that this image could become a reality at some point in the near future.

Wilson on the New York Yankees. Yes, it could happen.

This is not according to sources, mind you, for I have none. This is good, old-fashioned speculation that has more legs than you probably believe.

When it comes to the Yankees' closer role, all options are open now that Rafael Soriano is a free agent after opting out of his contract on Wednesday. He's seeking a multi-year deal worth an excess of $14 million per year, ...

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