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Tuesday August 9th 2022


World Series Game 1: New York Yankees Fans Will Be Watching Lee vs. Lincecum

in case you didn’t know, a 2009 World Series rematch between the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies is not happening.

To many baseball fans surprise, both powerhouse ballclubs lost in the Championship Series. Some might say the Phillies and Yankees lacked the heart, as making the postseason is basically part of the regular schedules.

Regardless of the reason, a loss is a loss no matter how it happened, who was injured, why so many players were slumping or if a team had too many days off. 

So now the 2010 World Series starts on Wednesday in San Francisco, CA.

The city’s Giants will host the Texas Rangers for the first two games of a seven-game battle where only one team will leave as champions. ...

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