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Friday October 23rd 2020


Why the Injury to Alex Rodriquez Is a Bigger Deal Than Yankees Fans Think

days when Alex Rodriguez could single-handedly put a team on his back are over. After two hip surgeries sandwiched between two steroid controversies, A-Rod is no longer the player he used to be.

In the eyes of some, A-Rod is washed up; in the eyes of others, his storied career has been one big lie; but in the eyes of the Yankees, he is the key to another postseason berth.

Yankee fans may cringe at the thought of their season depending on a fallen star coming off of major hip surgery, but that is the situation they are in now. It seems like it doesn't make sense, but here's why the Yankees will miss A-Rod more than people think.



He's Their Best Option

What A-Rod went through ...

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