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Wednesday October 28th 2020


Why Robinson Cano Getting ‘More Realistic’ Is Just a Matter of Time

class="ui-droppable">Hey, you can't blame Robinson Cano for dreaming big.

The up-until-now New York Yankees second baseman is a free agent, after all. Dreaming big is what free agents are supposed to do. To dream small is to lowball oneself, and one should never do that.

But Cano and his people aren't going to get what they want. You know that. I know that. The Yankees know that.

And if Cano doesn't know that, time will inevitably make him know it.

What is it that Cano and his people want? Well, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports floated the idea of a $300 million contract—which would be the first of its kind in Major League Baseball—back in September, and Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York reported on Monday that this ...

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