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Monday September 21st 2020


Why Not Even George Steinbrenner Could Rescue This New York Yankees Team

is a preemptive article. I don't know when the next "What would George Steinbrenner do?" lamentation is going to come. Or why, for that matter.

What I do know is that we certainly haven't heard the end of these lamentations. I also know that the question itself is all wrong. It's not what The Boss would do.

No, with these New York Yankees, it's what The Boss could do. What could he possibly do to rescue this Yankees team from the peril it's facing?

Not much. The 2013 Yankees are in rough shape heading into the season, but the sort of rescue they need is the kind that even The Boss wouldn't be able to help them with.

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say that the next "What would George do?" lamentation is going to ...

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