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Thursday August 5th 2021


Why Mickey Mantle’s Strikeouts Are No Longer Criticized by Baseball “Experts”

Mantle was criticized severely for striking out so much during his career, but in the 1950s and 1960s, the "experts" didn't know that a strikeout was merely an out.

Players of Mantle's era considered striking out an embarrassment. After striking out, many players would hang their heads as they returned to the dugout.

Mantle struck out an average of 115 times over a 162-game season, which was more frequently than Willie Mays (83), Hank Aaron (68), Ralph Kiner (82), Roger Maris (81), Frank Robinson (88), Harmon Killebrew (113) and Ernie Banks (79).

What made Mantle great was that in his career he walked (1,733) more times than he struck out (1,710).

Among the above players, only Ralph Kiner and Hank Aaron walked more than ...

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