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Friday September 18th 2020


Why Didn’t the Greatest Closer of All Time Finish the All-Star Game?

Rivera's final MLB All-Star Game appearance was a good one. It was exciting and emotional and should certainly prove to be memorable in the long run.

The legendary New York Yankees closer's final Midsummer Classic Tuesday night was not, however, the one thing so many people wanted it to be:


The stage was set perfectly at Citi Field for Mo to come in and record the dramatic save. The American League had a 2-0 lead through seven and a 3-0 lead after batting in the top of the eighth. It was looking like a save situation and, thus, a Rivera situation.

But while his side was batting in the top of the eighth, AL manager Jim Leyland had Rivera warming up in the bullpen. And when it was time for the bottom of the ...

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