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Sunday September 27th 2020


Why Derek Jeter Should Be Baseball’s First Unanimous Hall of Fame Selection

me one good reason Derek Jeter shouldn't be unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame.

It has to be a GOOD one, too; none of this, "If (Famous Player X) wasn't unanimously voted in, no one should be" nonsense.

That's the refuge of the kind of voter who grew up an ignored middle child or got picked on in high school; call it the Skip Bayless position. We're not aiming very high if we're voting out of spite.

Further, let's hear nothing about how playing for the Yankees gives him a publicity advantage. This excuse falls short for two reasons—first, this perceived bias is not his creation; it's a choice the media makes in the way they cover the sport, resulting from decades of Yankee success that Jeter had no involvement in. Blaming ...

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