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Wednesday October 28th 2020


Why Derek Jeter Deserves the Most Credit for the New York Yankees’ Success

the first time since 1981, the New York Yankees have played a postseason game without Mariano Rivera or Derek Jeter on the roster.

Through thick and thin, Derek Jeter has been there for the Yankees and for the sport of baseball.

Throughout his entire career, The Captain has been a role model for both young and old alike. He is respected throughout professional baseball—honestly, it's tough not to like Jeter.

Now with No. 2 down and out for the Yankees, New York fans face an uncommon circumstance—life without Jeter.

But let's slow down, people.

Let’s not forget the reason why the Yankees are where they are right now; it’s Derek Jeter.

For years he has silenced critics not with ...

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