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Tuesday October 20th 2020


What Effect Will Derek Jeter’s Injury Have on Him Long-Term?

life can be truly awesome. But then you see Derek Jeter hit the deck in some serious pain in the 12th inning of a crucial playoff game, and life suddenly becomes the exact opposite of awesome.

You can hate the New York Yankees all you want, but hating Jeter is like hating Morgan Freeman. You just can't do it no matter where your loyalties lie.

Nobody was having any fun when Jeter went down in a heap in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers. Even less fun was being had when Jeter was being helped off the field with a grimace on his face.

Then came the diagnosis, which brought everyone down even further. It was announced after the game that Jeter had suffered a broken ankle that would keep him ...

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