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Friday August 12th 2022


Was the Javier Vazquez Trade Worth It?

since Javier Vazquez made a name for himself in 2004, after giving up a grand slam to Johnny Damon in the American League Championship series, Yankee fans have dreaded the sight of the right-hander on the mound. 

When the Yankees traded for Vazquez in the 2009 offseason, mixed feelings were going around. He was coming off an incredible, Cy-Young worthy season, during which he recorded a 2.87 ERA for the Braves, but Yankee fans still had a hollow spot in their hearts for Vazquez.

To everyone’s dismay—and to some, their surprise—Vazquez revived, and sealed those horrible feelings in the 2010 season. Finishing with a 5.32 ERA in 26 starts, Vazquez hurt the Yankees more than he helped.

For a trade that seems horrible ...

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