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Thursday September 21st 2023


True New York Yankees Fans’ Dirty Little Secret Going Into October

that the regular season has concluded and the playoffs are about to begin, you're going to notice a lot of new Yankees fans suddenly showing up around the office.

You'll realize this when Hal From Accounting saunters in at 9:00 9:15 with a Yankees cap awkwardly affixed to his skull and a big smile on his face. Just 45 minutes earlier, Hal was frantically searching for the hat in his closet—he literally thanked God when it finally announced its presence beneath his lucky Train "Drops of Jupiter Tour '06" T-shirt.

He wears this hat for the commute to work, but mostly it's for those 60 or so steps that separate the key-card entrance from the cramped cubicle he's given his life to since 2003.

He shoots over to the break room, where he pours a fresh ...

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