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Tuesday August 16th 2022


Tracking the Cash: Brian Cashman’s Yankees Moves at the Trade Deadline

Cashman was a lowly intern when he joined the Yankees organization in 1986, but he proved skillful at climbing the most slippery corporate ladder in professional sports. Cashman was named general manager of the club in 1998, and under his watch the Yankees have captured six American League pennants and four World Series titles. The 43-year-old New York native has been something of a lightning rod in his time as GM. Supporters say he's a smart, hard-working executive that has earned the respect of colleagues around the game. Detractors believe Cashman was simply along for the ride during the dynasty run, is a poor talent evaluator, and was directly responsible for the team's title drought last decade. The Yankees' World Series run in 2009 puts Cashman in a comfortable ...

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