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Tuesday August 16th 2022


The New York Yankees Should Sign Derek Jeter (If You Follow Another Team)

sure got ugly, didn't it? Who could have seen this coming?

The Yankees arguing about money with their captain. Everybody knows money doesn't mean anything to the Yankees, just get him signed already Cashman!

Funny thing is if money really doesn't mean anything to the Yankees it makes signing Jeter long term even worse. When you take money out of the equation it comes down to an even more precious commodity in baseball: playing time.

If it's not what can the Yankees do with the money, then it's what can they do with those 600 at bats. There is no salary cap, but there is still a limit of 27 outs a game and 162 games a year. The truth is that last year Derek Jeter didn't do all that well with those 600 ABs.

If ...

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