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Tuesday August 16th 2022


Talk’s Not Cheap: Derek Jeter and Yankees Begin Dangerous Dance

you asked me two days ago what I thought would have to happen for Derek Jeter not to re-sign with the Yankees, I'd basically have only three educated guesses:

1) He decided to focus his attention on his new chain of Derek Jeter's Taco Hole restaurants.
2) He was forced from the game when MLB instituted a ban on players with the fade buzz cut popularized by '90s hip-hop group Kid 'n' Play.
3) His fiancee Minka Kelly demanded he retire, and since she looks like this, he immediately obliged.

That's it.

In case it's unclear, I hadn't been taking the various reports about discord between the Yankees and Jeter seriously. And why should I have been?

Of course, both sides would make it work. Why would you ever dissolve the perfect marriage?

To ...

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