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Monday November 29th 2021


Surprise, Surprise. Another ESPN Writer Claims Derek Jeter Is ‘Done’

guess none of us should be surprised that the Boston Red Sox hype machine/cheerleading squad out of Bristol has published yet another piece claiming that Derek Jeter is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

That group of tools lost any sense of objectivity on the matter many, many years ago.

Once the Red Sox captured the title in 2004, it was like any and all sense of a need to be impartial was ripped away, and they have done nothing but sit there in the background screaming, "Get him a body bag Johnny!!" ever since.

So today's latest salvo on that front finds Mark Simon of ESPN New York lamenting on the future Hall of Famer's "penchant for making outs" and his lack of a respectable offensive winning percentage.

First, ...

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