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Tuesday November 24th 2020


Spring Training 2011: Derek Jeter to No. 2 and MLB’s 8 Needed Lineup Shifts

position in which hitters hit in a lineup can be determined by many different factors. Some of these are speed, power and on-base percentage or a combination of the three. 

Every manager looks at the way he draws up the lineup card differently, and you can really see the difference in managers by looking at these factors.

There are some players that are put into a spot based off pedigree and some off perception, while some are even in the lineup due to their salary, even though there maybe a better player on the bench.

I'm going to take a look at some players who need to be moved up, down or even into a lineup for what is best for the team. I'll be using mlbdepthcharts.com's projections for my judgment.

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